To help save dogs/pups from high kill shelters, from being on the streets and living in a facility. Giving them a chance for a life they deserve and showing them just what love is.

To help educate everyone who doesn’t know the severity of these dogs being in Kill shelters or living on the streets, all because someone didn’t provide for them, or gave up on them.

In return to not only helping stress the concern of these furbabies in need, we do our best to find them the perfect family that will open their hearts and their homes to a dog/pup in need.

TOGETHER, WE can make a difference!!

WE couldn’t save nearly as many furbabies without the help, love, and support from so many.

It’s because of YOU (the people who want to make a difference, and want to provide a loving home for a rescued furbaby) that push us to keep saving more furbabies in NEED!

This Journey isn’t just about our small little rescue and the furbabies… It’s about EVERYONE INVOLVED, EVERYONE who has helped, loved, donated, showed support and to ALL that have a adopted a furbaby with us!

WE not only have made a difference, but will continue to make a difference….TOGETHER!!

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